Winter Safety Reminders

The Greenstone Fire Department is reminding all residents it is important to assure that gas meters and the intake and exhaust vents of all appliances that burn natural gas or propane are free of snow accumulation.  This is pivotal in preventing the danger of carbon monoxide gas venting into homes and/or businesses.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning may cause light headedness, headaches, vomiting, loss of consciousness or death.

PLEASE be sure to check carbon monoxide detectors to confirm that they are functioning properly and have substantial battery life.

Some tips on carbon monoxide safety can be found at:

Furthermore, we would like to remind people that excessive snow collection on the roof of your home and/or business may become to heavy for the structure when mild weather comes.  This may lead to structure failure as well as collapse. To avoid this possibility, it is important to remove some of the excess snow from the roof.  Please only do this yourself if it can be done safely, if not have a professional do it for you.

Thank you,

Jeff Lipskie, Director of Fire Services/Fire Chief

Greenstone Fire Department

Tuesday, February 26, 2019