Windrow Removal Service

The Snow Windrow Removal Program is intended as a form of assistance to senior or disabled residents who do not reside with people who are physically capable of normal snow removal activity typical of residential driveway maintenance at roadsides, boulevards or sidewalks.  The Municipalities' foremost priority with respect to snow and ice control is dedicated to the maintenance of municipal roads to Ministry of Transportation minimum maintenance standards and its order of service for corresponding road classifications.

While the estimated time to respond to windrow removal is within 48 hours of a major snowfall event, continuous snowfall may result in program service delays while the snow removal priority remains with maintaining the roads.


  • Due to varying conditions and operational priorities outlines in the municipal Snow and Ice Management Policy, the target for windrow removal service is within 48 hours of a snowfall.
  • The Municipality reserves the right as to when snow removal activity is performed.
  • The above service does not include the cleaning of snow from private approaches to residences or driveways.
  • Service may be canceled in instances where regular snow maintenance removal for a driveway is not occurring.
  • Obstructions at the driveway entrance must be removed.
  • The Municipality is not liable for any damage to the property as a result of service delivery.
  • House numbers must be visible.
  • One entrance will be serviced per residence. The center portion (one car width) of an entrance will be cleared.
  • The service applies to primary residences only.
  • The service term is from January to December,
  • Annual registration is required.

To Register for the Windrow Removal Service, fill out the APPLICATION FOR SNOW WINDROW REMOVAL SERVICE and return the completed form with identification to your ward office.


Please review the POLICY for information on program eligibility and service standards.