Wally's Corner

At the September 14, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council, Council approved a Motion to have a memorial logo placed on the ice surface at the Geraldton Community Centre in memory of longtime resident, and lifetime hockey fan, Mr. Wally McMahon.

The spot where the logo has been placed was affectionately dubbed “Wally’s Corner” by arena staff many years ago.  This spot indicates the area where Wally would stand day after day, year after year, watching the practices, games, and tournaments of hockey players of all ages.  While a logo has been placed in this location several times over years, this year has an even more special meaning.

After Mr. McMahon’s passing in May of 2020 Greenstone resident, Mr. Victor Loisel, sent a letter to Mayor and Council officially requesting that a tribute be painted to honour him.  In his letter Mr. Loisel stated, “Wally was a very dedicated hockey fan, always in his corner, which became known as Wally’s Corner at the Geraldton Arena. He was always cheering on the kids from wherever they came from. He loved being at the rink and was loved by everyone young and old.”  The picture portion of the ice painting in “Wally’s Corner” has varied over the years with this year’s very special memorial being the Detroit Red Wings logo to honour Wally’s undeniable love for both the team and Gordie Howe.  Greenstone Mayor, Renald Beaulieu, stated “Council was very pleased to approve this Motion and we are very grateful to Victor Loisel for writing the letter requesting that a tribute to Mr. McMahon be placed on the ice surface.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2020