Vision, Mission, Values and Principals


Greenstone is a community in which residents feel engaged with their neighbourhoods and neighbours and share pride calling Greenstone their home.


To balance citizen needs and expectations with social and economic realities, progressively improving policies and programs which serve residents and their neighbourhoods, while always assuring meaningful communication.


Council, Management and Staff commit to being:

  • Business-like
  • Caring
  • Creatively Responsible
  • Trusted Colleagues
  • Open and Responsive


Understanding that every decision and action takes into account:

  • The Boom and Bust inevitability
  • The needs and expectations of residents, not their geography (borders)
  • Pride in the past, but focused on the future
  • That pride is reflected in how things look, both to residents and visitors
  • That we are not just a Municipality, we are also a community

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