Tenders/Requests for Proposal/Surplus Property

Welcome to the Municipality of Greenstone's page with information on Tenders, Requests for Proposal, and the most recent municipal properties that have been declared surplus to the needs of the Municipality and offered for sale!

The Municipality uses a variety of procurement methods, in accordance with the PROCUREMENT BY-LAW when acquiring goods and services. 

Contractors are required to follow the Health & Safety Responsibilities (HS-200) of the Municipality's Health & Safety Manual, as well as their own policies & procedures set out in their own health & safety manual.


All tenders are opened publicly at the Greenstone Administration Office.  


RFT PS-2018-03 Greenstone Asphalt Projects  Issued April 27, 2018.  Public Opening on May 17, 2018 at 3:15 pm. 

                           Attachments to RFT PS-2018-03  Map of Beardmore, Map of Geraldton (North),

                                                                                 Map of Geraldton (South), Map of Longlac,

                                                                                 Map of Nakina

                           RFT PS-2018-03 ADDENDUM #1 Issued May 1, 2018

                           RFT PS-2018-03 ADDENDUM #2 Issued May 4, 2018


RFT PS-2018-02 Fuel System Code Compliance Upgrades (Poplar Lodge Park & High Hill Harbour Marina)  Issued April 16, 2018.  Public Opening on May 4, 2018 at 3:15 pm.

                            Attachment to RFT PS-2018-02:  Fuel System Comprehensive Inspection Reports

                                                   RFT PS-2018-02   ADDENDUM #1   Issued April 23, 2018

                                                   Photo 1_High Hill Harbour Generator 

                                                   Photo 2_High Hill Harbour Generator Building

                                                   Photo 3_Poplar Lodge Park Generator  

                                                   Photo 4_Poplar Lodge Park Generator Building

                                                   RFT PS-2018-02:  ADDENDUM#2  Issued April 24, 2018


Note: All tender documents reference the Procurement By-law and amendments which are provided on this webpage.  

It is the bidder's responsibility to check the website for any Addenda or updates prior to submitting a bid.

The Municipality cautions that delays in courier service to the Greenstone area may occur.  Tender deadlines are strictly adhered to.  Contact the Clerk for alternate delivery arrangements of tenders at (807) 854-1100 ext. 2059.



Community Readiness - Construction RFP

RFP PS-2018-01 Arena Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Services  Issued April 20, 2018.


Accessibility Training required by Contractors

The Accessibility for Ontarians Act, 2005 AODA Customer Service Standards applies to all contractors and their employees dealing with the public or third parties on behalf of the Municipality of Greenstone.  Under the provincial legislation, contractors must ensure that people performing this work are trained in the AODA Customer Service Standard.

For free training resources on AODA Customer Service Standard please click here.


For a list of Surplus Municipal Properties visit the Surplus Properties website at www.surplusproperties.ca and or CLICK HERE, to be taken to the Municipal Economic Development website for more information.