Swimming Pool

The Greenstone Pool will not be opening for the 2020 season. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 

The Greenstone Swimming Pool is located  in the Geraldton Ward. It is situated within the Geraldton Composite High School, 500 Second Street. To enter the building, we use the community access side of the building off of Hogarth avenue.  



Photo of Geraldton Swimming Pool

The Greenstone Public Pool is opened from May until October and closed for the winter months. The facility features a 4 lane, 15 meter long swimming pool. It ranges from 3 feet shallow to 9 feet deep. The Greenstone Pool is a great place to bring your family to swim, have birthday parties, or to come swim lengths of the pool. There are two qualified lifeguards at the pool at all times while patrons are swimming to keep everyone safe. The lifeguards can also answer any questions you may have.

The pool is accessible to everyone. There is a Personal Aquatic Lift available for any one who requires assistance entering and exiting the pool. All of the staff is trained on the PAL and they are more than happy to assist anyone into and out of the pool.

Photo of Personal Aquatic Lift at Geraldton Swimming Pool

The Greenstone Pool offers a variety of swims such as:

Family Swim – A nice, fun filled way to spend some quality family time! Bring your family out for an hour of swimming and playing in the pool!

Public Swim – A good way to cool off from the summer heat with your friends! Public swim is for anyone of any age!

Parent & Tot -- Parent and Tot is a swim where parents can bring there babies and toddlers swimming. This is a great way to introduce the little ones to the water

Adult Lap Swim – Swimming laps is a great form of exercise! Adult Lap swim is for Adults 18 and over who want to swim lengths of the pool.

Aquabics – A one hour instructed workout that takes place in the pool. Exercising in the water is low impact; therefore you will not have joint pain. It is great for people who are recovering from an injury to get moving again, as well as older individuals who have arthritis or joint pain. Aquabics is a great work out for everyone, any age, and all physical abilities.


2020 Swimming Price List

Youth -           $3.45

Adults -           $4.47

Aquabics -      $41.15/10 swims

Family -          $95.04/10 swims

Seniors -         $3.45

Parent & Tot-  $35.93/10 swims

Photo of lifejackets at Geraldton Swimming Pool

If an unexpected cancellation occurs, signs will be posted on the municipal website, the municipal Facebook page, outside entrance as well as the pool entrance stating the reason for the closure. If the pool is closed due to a planned closure, the information will be  posted in the same areas as soon as the staff is aware.


The Pool is available to be rented for private functions. The availability varies due to scheduled programming taking place at the pool. To rent the pool for one hour the 2020 rate is $68.63 plus HST.

To book a private rental, or to inquire about times please contact the Pool Coordinator 854-1102.

The Greenstone Pool offers private lessons for Adults who are uncomfortable in the water and want to learn how to swim and move safely in the water. Private lessons are also offered to persons with disabilities who need one on one support to learn how to swim and to learn water safety.

To inquire about swimming lessons, pool rentals or any other swimming programs please contact Josh Taylor  at the Recreation Office (807)854-1102 or by email at thegreenstonepool@gmail.com



Photo of Mural Painted at Geraldton Swimming Pool
Photo of Pool Rules for Geraldton Swimming Pool