Surplus Properties

By-Law No. 15-53  -  Being a By-Law to establish a policy for the sale and other disposition of municipal land.

The Municipality of Greenstone has an inventory of surplus residential and commercial properties available for sale.   

The following explains the process for the purchase of surplus municipal property:

1. A Letter of Request to Purchase Municipal Lands must be completed and submitted to the Director of Protective & Planning Services.  The letter shall include the development plans for the property including timelines. 

2.The following documents will be forwarded to Mayor and Council;

(a) Your Letter of Request to Purchase Municipal Lands and any accompanying documentation provided as deemed necessary.

(b) A staff/committee report noting any specialized details and any other information Council may require.

3. Council will make a decision regarding the offer to purchase. (The Municipality of Greenstone is under no obligation to accept any bid or proposal.)

4. A resolution will be prepared for the offer to purchase and will be presented during a public meeting of Council.

5. Municipal staff will notify the purchaser in writing of the outcome of the proposal. 

6. Municipal staff will notify the municipal solicitor and request that the necessary documents be created. The municipal solicitor will finalize the sale details via the purchaser’s legal representation.

7. An agreement of Purchase and Sale will be signed after receipt of the deposit (10% or $300.00 – whichever is greater) as required by the legal form for the completion of the sale.

8. All legal fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. Our legal firm will invoice the municipality who will in turn invoice the purchaser or these transactions can be carried out between the legal representatives

9. The purchaser shall submit the purchase price including the HST (minus the Deposit) to the municipality’s legal firm. 

10. Payment in full of all fees is to be received by the municipality before the Transfer/Deed of Land will be signed.

11. The purchaser will provide a copy of the registered transfer to the municipality.

Please note that additional conditions apply to all sales.  They include, but are not limited to the following:

• All sales are subject to HST and all legal fees.

• The HST does not apply to residential sales on which a building is located but does apply to all other lands.

• The purchaser is responsible for a survey of the lands if he/she so wishes. The municipality will not supply a survey.

• All sales must be finalized within 75 days of the decision of Council or the offer will be deemed to have been refused.

• All development as stated in the offer to purchase must be carried out within 2 years from the date of sale. Failure to do so will result in the lands being returned to municipal ownership.

• If the result of the purchase is that the holdings will be of more than one lot in a plan of subdivision, an additional condition will apply in that all consecutive lots of part lots must be registered in the exact same name/ownership so as to facilitate any possible required deeming by-law.

• Acceptance of an offer to purchase does not guarantee approval of any Planning Applications required to facilitate development (zoning by-law amendment, minor variance, deeming, severances, etc.)

• A search for federal or provincial liens is the responsibility of the purchaser.

A $300.00 plus HST ($339.00) administration fee is required for each Letter of Request to Purchase. Should Council choose not to accept the offer to purchase, the $300.00 administration fee will be returned to the applicant.  If the Offer to Purchase is accepted and approved by Council and the purchaser changes their mind, the fee is non-refundable.

The applicant(s) must also be in good standing relating to the payment of taxes and utilities if they are a resident of the Municipality of Greenstone in order for an approved sale to be completed.

Please contact the Director of Planning and Protective Services or the Economic Development & Communications Officer for more information.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020