Geraldton Ward

Municipal Programming for Seniors in the Geraldton Ward is coordinated by the Elderly Person’s Centre. A full time Coordinator plans and implements activities through discussion with Seniors. Some of the activities provided include Bridge, Cribbage, Carpet Bowling, Euchre, Shuffleboard, Exercise Programs. Programming is based on the interests of the group and changed as needed. There are special events such as the Mini-Games and Carpet Bowling tournament that involve participation of Seniors from other communities within Greenstone. The Coordinator also arranges guest speakers and visitors to present information of relevance to Seniors. Some are scheduled to run on a regular basis such as the monthly blood pressure clinic and some are run as special events.

The Coordinator is also responsible for providing scheduled transportation with the para-transit bus to assist Seniors with shopping, attending appointments and attending special events.

For more information regarding Seniors’ programs in the Geraldton Ward please contact Bernadine O'Brien, Elderly Person’s Centre Coordinator at 1-807-853-0625.

Longlac Ward

The Senior’s Club in the Longlac Ward is a private group that plans and implements it’s own activities according to the interests of the group. The Municipality provides the building for such and employs a part-time worker who provides transportation via the para-transit bus and cleaning services for the building. Transportation is provided for similar activities to those provided in the Geraldton Ward — shopping, appointments, special events. For more information regarding transportation services for Seniors in the Longlac Ward please contact the Longlac Ward Office at 1-807-876-2316.


In both Geraldton and Longlac the staff employed to work with Seniors oversee the maintenance of the Lifeline service. Lifeline is a personal response system. It is connected to telephone lines and the subscriber wears a personal help button which they can activate at any time. Municipal staff maintain the system by providing training to new subscribers, setting up systems, maintaining units and assisting with mechanical difficulties. Subscribers pay a monthly fee for service. The Municipality does all of the necessary purchasing for new units and replacement parts and covers the cost of such. For more information on the Lifeline Program please contact Carmen Gagnon, Director of Community Services at 1-807-854-1100 ext 2009.

The Municipality also provides a Homecare Program in the Nakina Ward. Support workers assist seniors with identified needs in areas of daily living. For more information regarding this program please contact the Director of Community Services at 1-807-854-1100 ext 2009.

The Beardmore Evergreens and Nakina Sunrise Club are independent groups and should be contacted directly for information.

Contact Information
Nakina Senior Citizen's
Sunrise Club

111 Kingsland 
Nakina, ON
P0T 2H0
Phone: (807) 329-5337

Beardmore Evergreens Inc.
Senior’s Club

174 Main Street
Beardmore, ON
P0T 1G0
Phone: (807) 875-1098

La Joie de Vivre

P.O. Box 1178
Geraldton, Ontario
P0T 1M0
Phone: (807) 854-1170
​Fax: (807) 854-1661

Longlac Senior Citizen's Club

121 Indian Road
P. O. Box 664
Longlac, ON
P0T 2A0
Phone: (807) 876-2307
Fax: (807) 876-4177

Elderly Person’s Centre

Contact: Bernadine O'Brien
Phone: (807) 853-0625


Other Resources for Seniors: