The Municipality of Greenstone is comprised of several settlement areas spread along the Highway 11 corridor in Northwestern Ontario, located approximately three hours north-east of Thunder Bay.  The 2016 Census, indicated our population is at 4,636 residents.  The Municipality of Greenstone covers one of the largest geographic areas in Canada, with 3,172 sq km.

Within Greenstone's expansive borders, residents are located in one of six wards (Beardmore, Geraldton, Longlac, Nakina, Rural East or Rural West).  Each ward has different characteristics related to size, composition, layout and infrastructure which make each ward unique and distinct in its own right.

Although the most recent Census indicates a decline in population, the Municipality of Greenstone is still going strong thanks in large part to the incredible volunteer base found here.  Most of the annual events are run by volunteers in the various wards and without them, the Municipality of Greenstone would not be a destination of choice for many visitors from the region, the province and from across North America and beyond.

Recent mining discoveries have the potential for a significant increase in population. 

Come to Greenstone and discover why we are the "Nature's Home Town".