Performance Measures & Financial Information Return

Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP)

The provincially mandated MPMP consists of data collected and reported, including the following 13 municipal service areas.

1-Local Government Services

2-Fire Services

3-Police Services

4-Building Permit & Inspection Services

5-Road Services

6-Public Transit

7-Wastewater (Sewage)

8-Storm Water

9-Drinking Water

10-Solid Waste Management

11-Parks & Recreation

12-Library Services

13-Land Use Planning

The objectives of MPMP are to enhance accountability to taxpayers, to increase taxpayer awareness, to improve service delivery within the municipality and to assist in identification of and encourage sharing of best practices.  The program is not intended to be an exercise in comparison between municipalities because there are a number of factors that influence a municipality's measure including accounting practices, service levels, geography, age of infrastructure, community priorities, organization form, etc.

Also, performance measurement reporting is an evolving process.  As changes are made to make the measures more meaningful, year to year comparisons within a municipality sometimes become difficult to assess.

The province added additional new measures as recently as 2011.

2013 Report (MPMP)

2012 Report (MPMP)

2011 Report (MPMP)


Financial Information Return (FIR)

An annual documentation from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs that breaks down revenue and taxation information filed by the Municipality's Treasurer.  It also includes long term financial commitments and statistical information.

Combined FIR & MPMP data:


2013 (92 pages)

2012 (88 pages)

2011 (83 pages)

2010 (89 pages)

2009 (79 pages)

2008 (61 pages)

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