Official Plan

The Municipality of Greenstone is updating its Official Plan. An official plan is a policy document that describes how land should be used and manages the physical changes to the built environment and the effects on the natural, social and economic environment.  The proposed Official Plan provides a vision for future growth and sets out the goals objectives and policies to guide growth and development within the Municipality for the next 20 years (2016-2036).

The Planning Act requires Official Plans to be reviewed and updated at five year intervals. The purpose of the five year review is to ensure that the Official Plan is meeting the needs of the community, has regard to provincial interests (e.g., protecting ecological systems, conservation of mineral aggregate resources, appropriate locations of growth and development), and is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). 

Currently the Municipality of Greenstone is operating under the former municipalities Official Plans: Beardmore, Geraldton, Nakina and Longlac.  The proposed Official Plan for the Municipality of Greenstone will repeal all former plans.

The September 2017 Draft Official Plan can be viewed by clicking here.

In accordance with the Planning Act pursuant to Sections 17 (15) (d) and 17 (16) of the Planning Act. a statutory open house and public meeting, will be conducted in the future and statutory notice will be provided on the website and the Local paper.

The Municipality of Greenstone encourages all those interested in learning about the Official Plan, and revisions proposed to the plan, to attend the open house. Staff will provide an overview of proposed revisions and offer the public an opportunity to review and ask questions about the current proposed plan.

If you have questions about the process please contact Stephen Mykulak Director of Protective and Planning Services by email: or by phone: 807-854-1100 ext:  2027.