New Day Care Announcement for Greenstone

Province Approves Child Care Addition to B.A Parker Public School and Retrofit to Geraldton Composite High School

On Thursday February 13, 2020 the Provincial Government announced an $8.4M investment to improve the learning environment for the students attending Geraldton Composite High School and B.A. Parker Public School, as well as provide new child care rooms for the community.  Approval has been given to Superior Greenstone District School Board to tender an addition to B.A. Parker Public School and a major renovation to Geraldton Composite High School.  

In keeping with the Province's initiative to move childcare centres into schools, the addition will include space to relocate the Geraldton Municipal Daycare and its 49 childcare spaces into the facility.  The Longlac Friends of North Day Care Centre, which is operated by the Municipality, was previously relocated to the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School with great success.  The Greenstone Municipal Council has also recently voted to relocate the after school care program offered in Nakina to the Nakina Public School.

The press release from the Province quoted Greg Rickford, MPP for Kenora-Rainy River and Minister of Energy, Mines, Northern Development and Minister of Indigenous Affairs; “The funding for the addition to B.A. Parker Public School and renovation to Geraldton Composite High School is great news for the community.  Our government is proud to invest quality education and modern learning institutions for small schools across our north.”

The Early Years Accommodations in Schools Reference Guide developed in 2018 by the Ministry of Education and informed by the Working Group on Early Years Accommodation Costs in Schools states:

Ontario’s vision for the early years and child care is that all children and families have access to a range of high quality, inclusive, and affordable early years and child care programs and services that are child and family centred and contribute to children’s learning, development and well-being. Ontario Renewed Early Years and Policy Framework, 2017

The government’s schools-first approach has prioritized schools as the preferred location for early years programs in communities. Schools are viewed by the community as secure and trusted centres for children, and therefore are natural sites for early years programs. Many children are introduced to the school environment through early years programs, and the transition from early years programs to school can be facilitated by fostering strong connections between programs, providing a continuum of learning and care.




Monday, February 17, 2020