Nakina Community Centre Update

The Nakina Community Centre is now open for Public Skating and Shinny.

Public Skating Schedule

Shinny Schedule 

Please note that changes to operations & usage have been implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures have been developed and approved and will be clearly posted at the Centre. 

  • All visitors must undergo an active screening prior to entry in accordance with posters that will be posted on entry doors.
  • Hand sanitizer is required to be used upon entry.
  • Masks are required unless you are on the ice surface skating.
  • Social distancing protocols must be adhered to on and off the ice (“Social Bubbles” permitted.)
  • All those entering the facility must register with a Municipal worker for contact tracing purposes.
  • Municipal staff will be enforcing the guidelines, and their authority is always to be respected.
  • Only 25 people are allowed on the ice at any time. Entrance will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • All skaters under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Only 1 parent/guardian per child will be permitted to enter the facility. No other observers (including siblings) are permitted.
  • The Municipality will not be loaning any skates and/or helmets.
  • Participants are to arrive at the facility 15 minutes prior to the start of Shinny. No entry will be permitted once skating begins.
  • Participants are to leave the facility promptly (within 15 minutes) after the end of Shinny.
  • No body contact is permitted.
  • No spitting is permitted on the ice or in the player’s box.
  • No gathering or loitering in parking areas or public areas before, during, or after any activity.
  • No gathering or loitering in facility for any reasons unless approved by the Municipality.
  • Currently, bottle fill stations, water fountains and canteens are not available for use.

Municipal Weight Room

Due to regulations implemented by the Province of Ontario the following rules must be adhered to when using the Municipal Gym at the Nakina Community Centre:

  • All users must reserve a time slot
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance
  • All users must wear a face mask when entering the facility
  • The gym may only be accessed during the Community Centre hours of operation
  • No more than 2 persons at a time
  • Equipment must be wiped down before and after each use
  • Showers are closed
  • Only lobby washrooms are available for use

To reserve a time slot please call the Nakina Ward Office at 329-5361 or reserve on-line at

All persons reserving either by phone or online must undergo an active screening. If you reserve online you will receive a follow-up phone call.  Your reservation will not be considered complete until the active screening is done. 




Wednesday, November 25, 2020