Municipal Roads Program

Throughout extensive public consultations including surveys and public meetings, Greenstone Residents made it clear that roads are an issue to them. Council used this feedback when developing the 2016-2020 Corporate Strategic Plan and roads were identified as a top priority. During the 2017 budget process Council committed $1 million to the roads program and construction work targeted chip-and-seal roads at their critical stage of surface maintenance, with 17km of roads being resurfaced. In 2018 an additional $1.1 million was dedicated to the program and was used for asphalt resurfacing & repairs on over 5 km of roads.

The Municipality engaged a third-party company to assess the 102km of roads it maintains in Greenstone and a road condition rating was applied to each one. This information is inputted into optimization software which takes many variables into consideration including condition, usage and importance. In its decision-making, the Municipality considers the optimization software’s data outputs, the Corporate Asset Management Plan, and the Corporate Strategic Plan. Consideration is also given to the condition of buried infrastructure so that newly paved roads will not then be dug up for subsurface repairs. Some roads demonstrate that surface rehabilitation can significantly extend their useful life (if conducted within the short-term to prevent further deterioration) while other roads may require more intensive reconstruction/replacement at greater financial cost. This approach has been taken to ensure the longevity of the roads that are at a critical stage and where sub-surface damage can be prevented. If we catch a road in time, it will cost far less to repair whereas we will have to let some other roads already near the end of their useful life go a few more years before rebuilding them. This holistic approach is used to ensure better management, evidence-based decisions and greater value for money and has demonstrated success in other municipalities. This process makes sure the committed funds are being maximized to the full potential.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018