Marten Falls First Nation Community Access Road Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference

Marten Falls First Nation has submitted the Proposed Terms of Reference for the Community Access Road Project (the Project) to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks for review and decision by the Minister. The proposed Project is a multi-purpose, all-season community access road that will connect Marten Falls First Nation community to the Ontario provincial highway network.

To view the Terms of Reference and other supporting documents, including the Full Record of Consultation, please CLICK HERE.

The Terms of Reference is available for a 60-day review period starting today, October 23, 2020 until December 21, 2020. Marten Falls First Nation acknowledges there may be concerns associated with ability to review the documentation due to COVID-19. Understanding these concerns, the Terms of Reference will be available for a for a 60-day review period, instead of the legislatively mandated 30-day comment period, and if hard copies or USBs are needed, they are available upon request.

Notice of Submission of ToR MFFN Community Access Road Project 


Monday, October 26, 2020