Licensed Childcare

The Municipality of Greenstone currently operates three licensed Childcare facilities, Geraldton Day Care Centre, Friends of the North Day Care Centre and Nakina Kids N Us Childcare Centre.  The Centres have Early Childhood Educators, Teacher's Aids and Cooks.  Our Cooks have been trained under the Canada Food Guide and hold Safe Food Handling Certificates.

Our Mission Statement

We are an excellent, quality service providing childcare to meet the needs of the families residing in our communities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is an individual and that every child has the right to a healthy, happy safe environment.

We strive to create an environment that enables a child to develop a positive self-image.  Our goal is to provide this type of environment while also offering educational experiences for the children.  The experiences are geared to encourage growth in the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual domains.  We are an excellent service that our communities can be proud of.

The Centres are open to children from 18 months to 12 years of age.  We offer various attendance options to ensure we meet individual needs of our families.  For example, a Parent may only require childcare for two or three days per week.  Parents are welcome to discuss their attendance requirements with the Manager to determine which program within the Centre best meets their needs.  The Centres currently offer the following programs:

  • Toddler Program - This program is available to children 18 months to 2 1/2 years of age.  Parents must supply disposable diapers and inside shoes.  It is also advisable to bring more than one change of clothes for this age group.
  • Pre-School Program - This program is available to children 2 1/2 to 4 years of age.  Parents are asked to supply a change of clothes and indoor shoes.
  • JK, SK and School Age Children's Program - This program is available to children who attend school.  We offer care before and after school as well as school holidays and PD days.
  • Emergency / Drop-In Program - This program is set up to assist Parents who only need care in an emergency or on a temporary basis.
  • Integrated Program - Our centres are inclusive, which means that we provide care for children with special needs.  Our Resource Teacher carefully prepares individual program plans for special needs children in order to help their progress in specific developmental areas. Staff work with such areas as speech, muscle development, socialization and behavioural difficulties.  The Integrated Resource Teacher works in close conjunction with the Program Staff in all Centres to ensure that children receive optimal benefit from our entire Program.

A child's development during the early years is very important.  At our Centres we have excellent qualified staff who work together to provide a program that is safe and healthy and which promotes development in all developmental domains - physical, intellectual, social and cognitive.

Parents are a very vital part of our Program.  The triangle consisting of Parent, Child and Educators is an important relationship to all concerned.  Parents are always welcome to drop in and spend some time with their child during the day.  Educators are always willing to discuss a child's day and address any questions and/or concerns a Parent may have.

All the staff at all Centres are committed to ensuring that we provide an excellent quality service to the community.

Enrolling Your Child

Enrolling in Licensed Childcare requires the completion of an online application.  To complete the application, visit  Follow the online instructions.  Once you have completed the process, the Centre(s) you have chosen will check for space availability and contact you to arrange an interview.  If you encounter any difficulties with the online application process, please contact:

Tatum Blanchette, Daycare Manager

Phone: (807) 854-1744


Geraldton Day Care Centre
403 3rd Street West
Geraldton, ON  P0T 1M0
Phone:  1-807-854-1744
Fax:  1-807-854-0271

Friends of the North Day Care Centre
113 Indian Road
Longlac, ON  P0T 2A0
Phone:  1-807-876-4675
Fax:  1-807-876-4926

Nakina Kids N Us Childcare Centre
301 Algoma Street
Nakina, ON  P0T 2H0
Phone:  1-807-329-8592
Fax:  1-807-329-8617