Greenstone Gives Back - Mask Initiative

The mask initiative was established after hearing from some essential services that they either had no masks, or were running low.  A group of 4 quilting seniors in Geraldton volunteered to assist in this endeavor  by making some of these much needed masks.  To date, one hundred and fifteen (115) masks have been made through this initiative and distributed to: No Frills, The Geraldton Family Resource Centre for staff and women and their dependents, the Geraldton Daycare for staff and children, Seniors Transportation in Geraldton and Longlac, and Staff and clients of the Adult Protective Services Program. 

Volunteers in Nakina and Longlac have also begun making masks and these will be distributed to essential workers in need. 

Materials for the masks were donated by the individual quilters, New Horizons for Seniors Program and COVID Funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services for the Geraldton Family Resource Centre (GFRC). 

If essential workers in Greenstone would like a mask, or if you would like to participate in making these masks for essential workers, please contact Debbie Salerno, Elderly Persons Coordinator, Municipality of Greenstone at (807) 853-1041.

Thank you to all who have participated in this initiative.  We have also been made aware of other individuals in Greenstone making masks on their own for those who need them. Thank you to each of you as well.




Tuesday, May 5, 2020