Geraldton Family Resource Centre

The Geraldton Family Resource Centre is a 10 bed women/children's shelter.  The Centre operates 24/7, 365 days.  The Centre serves the areas of Fort Hope, Marten Falls, Aroland, Nakina, Geraldton, Longlac, Caramat, Ginoogaming and Reserve 58 as well as Jellicoe, Beardmore and any other clientele who need to access our service regardless of jurisdiction.

-short term safe housing for women/children fleeing abusive situations
-24 hour crisis line
-safety planning
-outreach services
-group work with children exposed to women abuse
-group work with women
-transitional housing and support services
-counseling services
-court accompaniment
-resource dissemination

24 Hour Crisis Line - operated by trained, experienced crisis workers.

Safety Planning - evaluating and organizing safety plans for women and children.

Outreach Services
- community programs, on a request base, presentations on safety, budgeting, self enhancement, parenting, anger management, healthy relationships and any other request identified.
- information sessions
- workshop design, planning, implementation and facilitation
- school workshops
- request from clients, self-referrals, professionals, agencies

Group work with children exposed to women abuse - concurrent groups for mothers and children who experience violent or abusive situations.

Group work with women - support groups for women, who express a need and after care follow-ups for women who are leaving the shelter.

Transitional Housing and Support - safety planning and advocacy program for women who are in transition and may be contemplating leaving an abusive relationship or environment, or have left the relationship.  Support, resources and long and short term goal planning.

Counseling Services - generic counseling for women and children.

Court accompaniment - accompanying and supporting women who need to attend court.

Advocacy - assisting women who request that we speak on their behalf.

Community Resources - providing numbers, agencies and contacts for telephone request.

To contact the Geraldton Family Resource Centre:
Business Line:  1-807-854-1529 or Toll Free:  1-800-363-4588
Fax:  1-807-854-0466
Crisis Line:  1-807-854-1571 or 1-800-265-7317