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Did You Know? - Civic Addressing System


Did you know that pursuant to Municipal By-Law 17-38, all properties within the Municipality of Greenstone (with the exception of vacant lots) with frontage on a street are required to post a civic property number for emergency response purposes?

This pertains to any property containing a residence (permanent, seasonal or otherwise), any commercial, industrial, recreational, religious and educational property which has a building or facility on site from which there is a reasonable expectation that emergency vehicles could be dispatched.  This also includes any properties with buildings and/or facilities under construction.  All civic property numbers are assigned by the Municipality.

There are strict standards that must be adhered to regarding how and where these numbers are displayed.  Urban properties are required to have numbers and/or characters that are a minimum of 4” high and 2” wide, while commercial, industrial, and institutional properties must not use ones less than 6” high and 4” wide.   All number plates must be made of a durable, waterproof material and be a contrasting colour to the background it is mounted on.  The number plates must also be displayed in numeral form (e.g. 106) and not in written form (one hundred six).  There are different standards for numbering in rural areas of the Municipality. 

When emergency services are contacted for assistance in Greenstone persons and/or properties are located by the civic address.  If this address is not properly indicated, or visible from the street, this can cause important delays in receiving the assistance you may require. 

The Greenstone Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting checks in all Greenstone Communities during Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2018. If a property does not have a civic property number installed, affixed or erected in accordance with By-Law 17-38 the Clerk, Chief Building Official or Director of Fire Services of the Municipality of Greenstone will forward Notice to the owner of the property advising them that they are not in compliance and that the owner is required to correct the violation within thirty (30) days of the delivery of the notice.  Failing to comply with the By-Law may be punishable with a penalty of up to $1,000.00.

If you have any questions regarding this by-law please contact:

Jeff Lipskie

Director of Fire Services/Fire Chief
Phone:  1-807-854-1100  ext 2007
Fax:  1-807-854-1947



Friday, August 31, 2018