Canoeing & Kayaking

Grab your paddle and enjoy the pristine waters of Greenstone. The ultimate northern adventure in the rugged beauty of the boreal wilderness awaits you! Filled with crystal blue lakes, bubbling brooks, and rushing rivers, Greenstone is a waterway oasis of discovery! Our many lakes, rivers, and canoe routes provide you with the option to experience the peace and quiet of a flat water river, or testing your skills on a white water expedition.


The annual Kayaking Camp takes place every July on beautiful Lukinto Lake off Highway 11, near Longlac. It runs from Friday to Sunday. 

Click Here for more information on an annual Kayaking Camp available in Greenstone.



Paddle Our Wilderness Canoe Routes within Greenstone



Longlac / Steel River Canoe Route           7-14 days varying starting points

This route requires that a canoeist have at least intermediate skills due to the demanding nature of some of the portages and white water encounteres along the trip. As you travel this historic voyageur route, you will be using traditional First Nations and voyageur portage trails connecting the labyrinth of rivers and lakes that make up this exhilarating adventure. You will encounter spectacular landscapes carved by glaciers, fish for the ever present walleye, view moose feeding on shoreline vegetation as you quietly paddle by, and sleep each night under a sky bursting with stars. This trip of a lifetime is only one of many unique wilderness adventures offered in the Greenstone region.

Marshall Lake Loop        7-10 days 

Canoeists interested in a wilderness adventure which incorporates history, wildlife viewing and exceptional fishing will find this trip particularly appealing. Your adventure takes place on land and water traditionally used by the Ojibway for hunting, fishing, and trapping over thousands of years. Steeped in history, the route offers the keen observer an opportunity to locate pictographs on the steep rocky shores of the deep blue lakes and wide flat rivers. The Woodland Caribou, a threatened species, can also be seen drinking at shores edge by the lucky canoeist. The majority of the route travels along lakes and rivers with minimal white water; however, a couple of difficult portages require that the canoeist have at least intermediate ability.

NEW*** All maps, ports, trip planners can be found on the Facebook Group Page - Greenstone and Area Canoe Routes or click on the route which will link to the maps.


The Goldfield to Geraldton        

Two to three days

35 k. Could be shorter if trip was ended at Lotties or First bridge on the Highway or at MacLeod Provincial Park. There is good whitewater on this trip for experienced ww paddlers.  However, there are ports around all white water as well.


Geraldton to Longlac

Two to four days  

30 to 50 k depending on starting points. 50 k version would start at the Geraldton waterfront and end at the Longlac waterfront. If all portages are used, most canoeists could use it.


The Blackwater, Jellicoe to Beardmore 

Two to three days           

40 k fairly easy, around four ports, some around log jams, waterfalls, etc.