Building Permits


A building permit is a means of regulating development in the community so that health, fire, structural and general safety standards to protect individuals and the community as a whole are met.  It is illegal to start work without a permit.  Anyone who starts work without a building permit is in contravention of municipal by-law and the Building Code Act and is therefore subject to financial and legal consequences.

The municipal Building By-law 01-58, incorporates rules, regulations and fee information regarding building permits.

Under the direction of the Chief Building Official, the Building Department authorizes and regulates the issuance of Building Permits in compliance with the Ontario Building Code, as amended, Municipality and other municipal requirements.

Forms and Applications

Building Permit Application (PDF)

Detached Accessory Building (PDF)

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A letter of agent is required when a property owner authorizes someone to act on their behalf to obtain a permit.  The following form may be used for this purpose.  Letter of Agent (PDF)

Commitment to General Review form must be completed where "general review of any part of the construction" by an Architect and/or Engineer is required under the Building Code Act or the Building Code, as amended.

2012 Building Code changes mean new energy efficiency requirements for residential projects.  For further information see OBC Changes re: Energy Efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency Design Summary (PDF) form should be used to provide the required details (revised March 2012).

Ontario Association of Architects - Building Code Data Matrix form is required for multi-residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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