2020 Licences Notice

Residents are reminded that under the terms of the various Greenstone Licensing By-laws all Business Licenses and Dog Tags must be renewed by Tuesday February 18, 2020.

Dog Licensing
Unaltered Dog              $25.88 (max of two)
Spayed/Neutered Dog $10.35
3rd Unaltered Dog       $51.77
Senior citizens will receive 50% off dog licensing registration fees.

Business License:

Bed & Breakfast $108.71   

Food Handling* 


Non-resident Produce Dealer $108.71
Hairdresser $36.24
Hawker/Peddler $36.24
Lodging/Rooming House $36.24
Pawn Broker $46.59
Second-hand Store $36.24
Transient Trader $522.83

*(including restaurants, cafes, lunch counters, refreshment stands, food stores, and public halls.)

If you operate without a current license after the established renewal date or you have not registered your dog(s) for 2020 you may find yourself subject to prosecution and/or to a fine in accordance with the By-laws as they apply to you.

The Animal Control By-law states: any person who owns, harbours or possesses any dog shall not allow the dog to defecate anywhere on property other than that of the owner, unless the owner ensures that the excreta is removed and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Failure to clean up after your dog(s) carries a penalty of $50.00 for each contravention.

Community Beautification requires a collective effort on a year-round basis. Take pride in your community and neighbourhood. It is the responsibility of all pet owners to ensure you are cleaning up after your own dog.

Stephen Mykulak
Director – Protective Services & Planning Services

Monday, January 6, 2020