2019 Municipal Budget

The Council of the Municipality of Greenstone officially adopted the Municipal Operating Budget for 2019 at the June 10, 2019 Regular Meeting of Council.  The Capital Budget for 2019 had been adopted earlier (May 14) with an amendment being passed on June 10.

The Budget has been developed in accordance with the Corporate Strategic Plan, with a focus on infrastructure (including a continuation of the roads program) and some funding for tourism and beautification.  While Council has committed $1.2 million to the roads program in the 2019 Capital Budget, it will be spent in 2020 in conjunction with the funds dedicated for that year.  Said Mayor Renald Beaulieu, “Citizens were very clear during consultations for the Corporate Strategic Plan that roads are of the utmost importance to them.  In order to ensure that citizens receive the best value for their money, we will be combining the money allocated for roads in 2019 to the money allocated in 2020, enabling us to optimize the value.”

In keeping with the commitment to increase citizen engagement, a Public Meeting was held in Council Chambers on April 14 to receive input from residents.  Staff and Council worked diligently over several months to ensure a minimal impact would be felt by residents, while still addressing key infrastructure issues. After multiple meetings and significant effort, the impact on the average residential property in Greenstone shall be an increase of 2.47%.

 As has been noted in budget deliberations, Greenstone's Municipal infrastructure is aging (and is significantly older, on average, than other Municipalities). Therefore, the cost of maintaining and repairing this infrastructure is increasing at a rapid rate. There are eighty-eight Capital projects being managed in the 2019 budget year (not including items such as debt service, contingency funding or future capital replacement.) Of those eighty-eight projects, eight have already been fully completed and an additional fifty-six are underway. It is well known that the rate of inflation for Municipal services (i.e. repairing and maintaining infrastructure) almost always increases faster than consumer inflation. Careful planning has been a key element in insuring that the expenses of the Operating Budget represent only a 3.8% overall increase over the past 4 years; well below the rate of inflation.

Greenstone's average residential taxes are currently 32% lower than comparable Municipalities in northwestern Ontario and 41% lower than the rest of the Province. Greenstone's average residential taxes as a % of median household income is also lower than the regional and Provincial average (2.3% vs. 3.3% and 3.9%). When Water & Sewer charges and the average residential taxes are combined, on average Greenstone residents pay $328 less than residents of other Municipalities across northwestern Ontario.  Greenstone continues to maintain a significant level of services that other Municipalities do not. For example;

  • 2 Transport Canada certified Airports 
  • 5 Fire Halls
  • 5 Campgrounds
  • 5 Water treatment facilities and 4 wastewater treatment facilities
  • 4 Public Works garages (with associated equipment)
  • 4 Landfills
  • 3 Daycares
  • 4 Ward Offices
  • 4 Arenas and Curling Rinks
  • 4 Cemeteries
  • 22 Playgrounds
  • 4 Libraries, etc.

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Operating Graphs        Capital Graphs

*Details on the status of specific Capital  Projects will be published in the coming weeks.

For further information please contact the Municipal Administration Office at 854-1100.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019